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The Museum is situated in Ruská Street in the south-west of Kouřim. The Museum is open from April to October and in December. In November and from January to March the Museum is closed to the public, but group visits can be arranged in advance for groups of 10 or more.
Various accompanying events and ethnographic programs are offered several times per year outside of the opening hours (a special entrance fee may apply).
Please note that an accessible WC is available for wheelchair users.

Kouřim can be reached by train or bus from Prague within the Prague Integrated Transport network. The Museum is situated 2 km from the train station and 400m from the nearest bus station. Parking is available for cars and busses in front of the building and is occasionally subject to parking fees as the lot is municipal property. The Museum is easily reached on foot and by bicycle via tourist and cycle routes. Bikes can be parked on museum premises.

Guided tours of the St Stephen’s Basilica and St Catherine’s Chapel are provided by the Museum of Kouřim Region. Kouřim is also home to other sights, such as the uniquely preserved medieval fortification, the Slavic Hillfort at Stará Kouřim, the Baroque Chapel of Virgin Mary the Helper, and the Renaissance Cemetery Church of the Holy Trinity. Other sights worth seeing in the vicinity of the town include a group of buildings located in the nearby town of Molitorov designed by architect Dušan Jurkovič, remains of the Gothic Abbey of Virgin Mary in Klášterní Skalice, the early-Gothic St Bartholomew’s Church in Třebovle and the Battle of Lipany Memorial.

Open-air Museum Kouřim

Now open:

Tuesday to Sunday
10am - 5pm
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basic: 80 Kč /adults/
reduced: 40 Kč
/children, students, retired people/
familly ticket: 200 Kč
free entrance: /children up to 6 years of age, ZTP, ZTPP, AMG/
The above prices doesn´t apply to ethnographic programs and events.

Regionální muzeum v Kolíně | Karlovo náměstí 8, 280 02 Kolín I příspěvková organizace Středočeského kraje